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Serving best steaks and BBQs since 1984

Lockdown had been pretty hard on everyone, especially for the ones who are away from their home. The slow life took us to the magical world of the old days and the time when “maa ke hathon ka khana” was a thing.  This realization made us open our brand new restaurant, THE BENGALI KITCHEN, where we aim to provide you the best Bengali food in Ghaziabad.

All the recipes are made with love and care, ensuring every ingredient is healthy for you. We pay attention to the subtle hygiene, sanitization, and the temperature is checked minutely. Our focus is on providing you the exceptional experience, satisfying your bong cravings at affordable rates.



A Few Words About Us

Serving Best Bbq And Steaks Since 1984

Serving the best Bengali cuisine in Ghaziabad.

Authentic Bong dishes at affordable prices, right at your doorstep. Keeping the pandemic situation in mind, currently, we are exempting from dine-in services. But don’t worry, we are just a call away. Your package will reach you even before you decide what to watch while eating.

Is proper hygiene maintained? Yes.

 Are utensils sanitized? Yes.

Low body temperature? Check.

Are the ingredients fresh? Yes.

Is the mask on while cooking? Yes.

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